Beauty Treatments Offered by Ailish Laser and Skincare
Beauty Treatments Offered by Ailish Laser and SkincareBeauty Treatments Offered by Ailish Laser and SkincareBeauty Treatments Offered by Ailish Laser and Skincare

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Salon Treatments

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More Traditional Treatments in Our Beauty Salon

Manicures, pedicures, tanning, waxing... Here at Ailish Laser and Skincare we don't only do revolutionary laser procedures and gold standard skin treatment. We also do all the usual good stuff you find in any top beauty salon!

Our manicures, pedicures, tanning, waxing and make up are the absolute height of pampered luxury!

Go on treat yourself... At Ailish Laser and Skincare we will really spoil you!

Our manicures and pedicures are the absolute height of pampered luxury; arm and foot massages with heated mitts and booties, French polish, gelish, pharmaceutical peels for cracked and tired soles, filing, polishing and Vinylux. You won't be able to stop lookig at your hands and feet!

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We all know a beautiful natural looking tan when we see it and our team of experts want to ensure that you get the best from our tanning sessions.
We suggest that you prepare your body in advance by exfoliating and moisturising your skin in the weeks leading up to your Spray Tan.
On the day of your tan please do not use a body lotion or deodorant and to ensure that you retain this natural look for longer we suggest that you apply a rich moisturiser after every shower.
For further information please ask a member of our qualified team.

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Bare Minerals Make Up
Bare Minerals is a unique product based upon 100% pure minerals with absolutely nothing added. No oils, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals, talcs or dyes make Bare Minerals so pure you could sleep in it!
This unique colour range is also used within a make up service ensuring the kindest way to achieve healthy skin.

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Eye Treatments
We tint and shape eyebrows, and for a more exclusive eye treatment we do HD Brows:
HD brows
HD brows are high definition brows his unique seven step brow shaping treatment giving you the ultimate in well groomed eyebrows. It involves a combination of techniques including tint, waxing and threading,using specialist H D brow products.
Patch test is required 48 hours before

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Lycon Waxing
When it comes to waxing we recommend Lycon because they use only the finest resins with natural ingredients. They combine these in a unique way with aromatherapy oils which delivers a superior performing product. This ensures that even stubborn hair can be removed relatively easily.
The benefits may last longer than six weeks however, we offer a reduced rate to our clients who return within that six week period.

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Eye Treatments

Have you heard of Dermalux?

Here at Ailish Laser & Skincare we are really excited about our new phototherapy machine.

Using LEDs this amazing and painless process can transform and rejuvenate your skin, treating many conditions.

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Ailish Laser & Skincare is a gem; a boutique salon right in the lively heart of Kilkenny, offering the latest skincare treatments from high-tech laser to established, soothing and effective beauty products all applied by highly skilled, passionate staff.


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